Center for California Water

Resources Policy and Management


The quality of life and the sustainability of natural resources in California are inexorably dependent on the availablilty of water.  California faces severe challenges in manging its water supplies to overcome shortages that are occurring with increasing frequency throughout the State.  The Center for California Water Resources Policy and Management, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, has been organized for the purpose of supporting research and analysis of the many complex issues that attend water resources management in California.

Although there are numerous public and private institutions currently engaged in Delta-related research, monitoring and modeling, examination of the multiple environmental stressors that are effecting the ecosystem, and determining the status and trends of desired species requires additional critical investigation and synthesis.  The Center for California Water Resources Policy and Management supports research that is specifically designed to inform future management decisions in the Delta, linking scientific information to management decision making and explicitly acknowledging the substantive uncertainties that accompany the reliable knowledge that is available.  The Center's ultimate goal is to inform the development of water management recommendations, derived from sound science, that promote the most effective uses of California's water to support both healthy ecosystems and a vibrant economy.